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Remote Desktop Services

Empower your remote workforce to be productive while away from your office. Our Remote Desktop services provides everything you need to get started.
Access your valuable data from anywhere
Affordable and simple to use
Mobility from any device type
Extend productivity outside of the office
Remote desktop service

A solution for every business

Remote Desktop services are becoming more popular and mandatory for any business looking to remain productive. While disruptions due to pandemics and disasters may occur, your business can be proactive by preparing to stay open even when the world around you is shutdown. Here at XenSpec, we help your business adapt to new ways of working and empower your employees to securely work from anywhere. Reacting to disasters can impede business productivity. Get in touch to get started.

Why Businesses need Remote Desktop Services

Productivity - Mobility - Security

remote desktop service from anywhere

Workforce Productivity

Extend productivity outside of your office space. By providing remote access to your employees, you can start building a remote workforce that can continue your business mission without interruption.
Remote desktop service from anywhere

From any location, any device

Work from the comfort of your home, your hotel, or the airport from any device: desktop, laptop or mobile devices. Employee empowerment starts here. We will make it possible for your business.
remote desktop service security

Secure Remote access

Microsoft Remote Desktop Services can become an easy target for cybercriminals. Every endpoint can become a point of intrusion. This is why XenSpec makes it a priority to encrypt, protect, and secure every user against vulnerability.

1 - Data type

RDS/RDP deployment starts with understanding the type of data and their structure. In gathering data points, XenSpec spends time to assess both proprietary or mainstream software that is being used.
Remote Desktop Services engagement

2 - Number of Users

In order to properly size the Remote Desktop environment, we need the number of users along with their specific permissions. XenSpec has the ability to create an Active Directory domain in which an admin can add, remove or assign permissions as needed, or use your current Active Directory domain.

3- Deploy and Secure

Once the above has been established, we then get your new Remote Desktop service deployed and online. We add the necessary encryption, restrictions, authentications or limitations needed to lock the account down from the public.

Benefits of Remote Desktop Services


Ability for businesses to remain productive and always open. Employees and employers have the flexibility to work from any location.

Increased Productivity

Allow your employees to continue your mission by adding Remote Desktop services. With access from any location, they are empowered to still beat project deadlines.


Businesses can now save by not investing into office gear such as furniture, computer equipment, and additional staff. XenSpec manages the entire solution on a 24/7/365 basis.

FAQs about Remote Desktop Services

We typically begin by evaluating your environment’s needs, and then designing a solution around your requirements. A typical deployment can be completed within 1-2 weeks, as long as we have all the necessary information regarding your requirements.

Any application that is required for your business! If it runs on Windows, we’re able to help you deploy it into your Remote Desktop environment.

Depending on the scope of the software, we may be able to assist. Drop us a line and our engineers will review your application’s deployment requirements.