We are a Chicago-based cloud provider with a focus on security, scalability, and agility for businesses. We built your Private Cloud Chicago Infrastructure from the ground up.
Find true privacy and security with your own Private Cloud Solution
Infrastructure modernization with the latest virtualization platform
Deployed in highly secure datacenters with enterprise grade hardware
Fully managed by in-house expert cloud engineers
Private Cloud Chicago

Key Features of our private Cloud

Security & Privacy

Our single tenant Private Cloud solution is nothing to be compared to the public cloud. As the only organization using this solution, it promotes data privacy while enhancing the ability to remain secure.

Business Agility

Rapidly develop, test, and launch applications that drive business growth with ease. Go to market faster than the competition. While a physical machine may take days to procure and provision, a cloud server takes minutes or seconds.

Cost effectiveness

By not investing into hardware whenever a server is needed or offloading management to the service provider, Businesses begin to save on their IT Budget. Our Private Cloud will always save you money.

Meet compliance requirements

In a private cloud environment, each organization has access to its own distinct pool of resources with accessibility locked down to the outside world. This is the cloud you need to meet your compliance needs for HIPAA, PCI, etc.

Business Continuity

Today, most hypervisors have features for redundancy and failover through a high-availability setup model. When we are involved in building your infrastructure, we make sure there's a plan in place for your business.

Scale on demand

As your business needs grow, we can gradually scale up your infrastructure by adding more resources without taking the entire platform down. Storage or processing power can be added to sustain your business growth.


Microsoft Hyper-V, codenamed Viridian, and briefly known before its release as Windows Server Virtualization, is a native hypervisor; it can create virtual machines on x86-64 systems running Windows.


VMware offers a breadth of digital solutions that powers apps, services, and experiences which enable organizations to deliver the best customer service and empower employees.


Proxmox Virtual Environment is an open-source server virtualization management platform. It is a Debian-based Linux distribution with a modified Ubuntu LTS kernel and allows deployment and management of virtual machines and containers.

Business Challenges solved with our private Cloud

Businesses who need Private Cloud Solutions

Private cloud compliance
Businesses needing Compliance

In order to fulfill regulatory requirements set by law, Businesses engage Xenspec to help build their compliant private Cloud Solution that from the ground up. Give us your compliance checklist and we will exceed your expectations.

Private Cloud Privacy
Data privacy

Privacy is by default part of our Private Cloud Solution deployment. It's purpose-built to help your Business distinguish itself from public & community-based environments that are known to be vulnerable.

Private Cloud for growing companies
Constant Growth

Your Business should be built on an infrastructure that can easily scale with little to no downtime. Eliminate shut down or slow-downs due to lack of preparedness. Our private Cloud Solution promotes and support growth.

FAQs about our Chicago private Cloud Services

Our Private Cloud servers are primarily built where our datacenters are located : Chicago, San Jose and Los Angeles. In the event  our customers have a specific location preference, we are happy to explore options. With our strong and global network with great peering, location is usually not of importance.

Absolutely. Such service fall under our Managed IT services where we take over the deployment process as well as its management. If looking for an on-premise solution, engage our team here.

We are flexible in our approach to helping and will always work with our prospect to understand the best way to deploy their Private Cloud infrastructure.

Since our private Cloud deployment takes in consideration data size, processing power and network resources, it’s always best to work together. As a ball park, we can build your solution from $500 up to $10K depending on your specific needs.

Management is a big part of our Cloud services. We build the infrastructure as well as add management so that you don’t have to worry about hiring an internal IT team.¬† Our Management for the most part is limited to well known software and application at the Operating System level.

Our recommendations is usually tied to your Monthly budget and the scope of the project at hand. VMware is abviously more expensive than the free Proxmox . Depending on specific features needed for your Private Cloud, we will determine the best fit to get you moving forward.