A virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual instance of an operating system that runs on top of a physical server known as a hypervisor. Any operating system of choice can be installed on a VPS and can be used for an extremely wide variety of applications.

All of our virtual private servers are kernel based virtual machines (KVM for short). This allows your VPS to be its own isolated instance and ensures you always have the resources you pay for on standby.

If you have your own ISO file, we can upload it and make it available for use on your VPS. If you have a link to an ISO image you would like to use, we can also make it available for your VPS. Feel free to contact our support team should you have any questions.

Our bundle VPS packages include a default maximum of two IPv4 addresses at the time of purchase, our build your own VPS package includes a maximum of three IPv4 addresses at the time of purchase. Need more addresses? Contact our support team and we'll be more than happy to help.

Yes, each VPS is its own KVM instance and is completely isolated.

Shared web hosting is a method of hosting multiple websites on a single server. Each user has their own account to upload and change their content, and is completely isolated from other users.

Our shared web hosting services utilize cPanel. cPanel is the industry leading control panel for web hosting, simplifying many aspects of day-to-day operations.

In most cases, the data from the previous hosting provider can simply be copied into the correct directory via FTP. After copying the data into the correct directory, you'll need to change your name server settings to point to us. This is done at the domain registrar level. Our support team is on standby to assist with this process if needed.

We do not offer domain registration services, domains for your websites must be purchased from a registrar prior to signing up for hosting services.

This heavily depends on several factors. The simplest way to initially gauge your requirements would be by the size of your web files. If your files are under 500MB, our free plan might suit you perfectly. Do you have many visitors? You might need a plan with more bandwidth. Still not sure? Our support team can help get you running with exactly what you need.

All service related issues are covered by us. This includes issues such as a VPS not working properly, or your website not being reachable. We can take a look at issues at a deeper scale, but we do not guarantee being able to assist with all cases. Our support team will be able to point you in the right direction if an issue is deeper than what we are able to support.